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#WorkLifeBalance – My Unique Spin 

We hear it all the time – work-life balance, a mantra that underlines the importance of switching off from work and focusing on personal time. The common narrative is that excessive work is a stress-fueling engine, and the antidote lies in achieving this sacred balance. But what if the balance we seek is more individual than universally applicable?🤔

My personal journey in chasing this balance turned out to be a paradox. I was dutifully adding ‘balance’ to my life by walking more, striking yoga poses, and filling my calendar with plans. But in this pursuit, my stress levels climbed rather than dipped. During these ‘relaxing’ activities, my mind was hostage to the next task on my to-do list.🧘‍♂

Then a serendipitous tweet came my way, putting everything in perspective. It said, “Over Striving for balance and forcing fun activities into life can ironically increase stress”. It stuck with me, and I realized I had fallen out of MY balance.

Truth is, I thrive on work more than play. And that’s my unique work-life balance. Each of us has our own equation, so let’s not impose a ‘one-size-fits-all’ idea of balance on ourselves.

Here’s a snapshot of my weekend, when I took some time off to visit the Comox Valley Farmers Market, in my quest to redefine my work-life balance. It’s important to remember that your version of balance is the one that matters the most! 🍎🥕🌽 #PersonalJourney #SelfDiscovery #ReclaimYourBalance

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